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Never Worn and Pre-Loved Men's Luxury Clothing at up to 80% Off Retail Prices
Phone : +34 664237153

We Authenticate Every Item

atemporali has one of the most rigorous authentication processes in the marketplace.
Every piece is individually authenticated by an expert with:
  • At least 5 years’ experience in the authentication of luxury goods.
  • An expensive knowledge of brand standards.
  • The ability to recognizing counterfeit products.
Our commitment to authenticity is core to customer confidence and we never compromise.

Our Authentication Process

  • Any swing tags are assessed for authenticity.
  • Care tags and labels are often the most effective way to confirm authenticity as manufactures use very specific fabrics, fonts, and holograms.  All labels and care tags are assessed based on known brand standards.
  • Zips, buttons, stitching and overall quality of cut and fabrics are assessed against known brand standards. This is where experience is essential.
  • Where possible the exact model is identified online via brand catwalk shows, brand stores or other authorized dealer sites.
  • If the assessor has any doubts as to the authenticity of an item it is rejected and does not appear up for sale.